Episode 100: Celebrating 100 Episodes and the 2nd Anniversary of the Show!

On this week’s podcast, we celebrate our 100th episode by recapping some of the most common and important military transition lessons that our guest speakers have shared over the past 99 episodes. We welcome 7 previous guests on this episode to speak on a key issue they either talked about in their episode or have since focused on as their career has progressed.

✩ Gregory Austin: Season 1, Episode 11. As a US Air Force retiree, Greg planned over 10 years for his transition. His methodical approach gave him the confidence and skills he needed for his next career. One approach Greg used for his transition was conducting his own SWOT analysis. Whether you plan 10 years or 10 months for your transition, Greg’s methodologies can help you.

✩ Don Gleason: Season 1, Episode 52. Don retired from the US Air Force and is now a certified John Maxwell coach, business owner and co-founder of the Military Transition Roundtable. Don reflects on his interactions with service members through the Military Transition Roundtable and encourages every service member to find a mentor or coach to help identify their focus.

✩ Matthew Langseth: Season 1, Episode 7. After serving in both the US Army and US Army National Guard, Matt retired and has learned the art of networking. Finding mentors through American Corporate Partners and networking through Vets2Industry, Matt has become a positive voice in the transition space.

✩ Adam Braatz: Season 1, Episode 19. After serving a diverse military career in music, public affairs and as a military training instructor, Adam recently published a book on how to leverage LinkedIn for the military transition. Adam encourages everyone to ☑ Optimize your LI profile. ☑ Organically develop your network. ☑ Create content.

✩ Peter Cline: Season 1, Episode 44. Co-founder of Boots to Books, Peter uses his experience in the US Army to help others research education and certification opportunities before leaving the military. Boots to Books offers a wealth of resources for transitioning service members, veterans and their families to gain competitive education and employment opportunities.

✩ Chris Dreisbach: Season 1, Episode 25. After retiring from the US Air Force, Chris had multiple job offers. Accepting what he thought was a dream job quickly turned into a nightmare. Chris shares his lessons learned on how money can’t buy happiness, not getting hung up on loyalty and being unafraid to walk away from a job that is not working.

✩ Ray Jokie: Season 1, Episode 38. Ray opens up on his struggles with depression, suicidal thoughts and extended unemployment after retiring from a career in the US Air Force. Many transitioning service members and veterans have similar experiences and Ray shares resources of support.

As your host of the Lessons Learned for Vets podcast, I have had the privilege of sharing in your victories and struggles. One lesson I want to reemphasize is YOUR job to make sure your target audience – your potential employer – understands how you can add value to their organization. You must translate the skills you learned in the military on your resume, LinkedIn profile and in your interview.

Need a mentor or want to grow your network? Explore:
✔ American Corporate Partners: https://www.acp-usa.org/

✔ Military Transition Roundtable: https://www.militarytransitionroundtable.com/

✔ K.E.Y Mentor Group: https://thekeymentors.com/

✔ Veterati: https://www.veterati.com/

✔ Vets2Industry: https://vets2industry.org/

Check out Boots to Books at: https://www.boots2books.com/

Order your copy of LinkedIn Mastery for Veterans and Transitioning Service Members at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BJ7Y2HCH

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