• Episode #12

      Jennifer Foxworthy



      Serving the US Navy for 21 years, Jennifer Foxworthy trail-blazed her career as the 1st African American female air crewman and 1st female in-flight technician in combat. She didn't rest on those laurels; rather, Jennifer became a certified alcohol and drug counselor and launched two businesses since 2013: Inspirationally Speaking, her motivational speaking organization, and Unstoppable You, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering men and women beyond homelessness, human trafficking and domestic violence. Jennifer speaks from the heart, particularly since she has overcome her own adverse experiences. She advises transitioning military veterans to be unafraid to ask for assistance from a trustworthy guide, discover new knowledge. Jennifer is a published author, an activist for resilience and a corporate speaker who is available for booking.


      Lessons Learned:


      • Your post-military career can have its roots in military experience, such as a public speaking opportunity at a special Navy event that leads to a post-military business in motivational speaking. Keep an open mind for opportunities while you are serving.
      • In the military, the mission's priority gives every person something to focus on, and every person knows his or her role in completing tasks. As a civilian, you will build an entirely different network.
      • Resourcefulness and resilience are key to entrepreneurship, because not everyone wants to work in corporate America and college isn't great for every kid.
      • Have the long-game in mind for your financial planning. It took Jennifer 4 years to turn a profit, and she had retirement and disability checks.
      • Take the time to be self-aware and make the time for self-care:
        • Professionally
        • Emotionally
        • Spiritually
        • Physically
        • Mentally
        • Psychologically
      • Don't be afraid to pivot and restart. Sometimes you just need to widen your lens and use more than the one skill, audience, etc. that you've been narrowly targeting.
      • If you want to start your own business, check out:
      • Jennifer has mentored many people over the years, and you can find her on LinkedIn and her website:

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