Season 3 Episode 126: Letting Go of Your Ego with Eric Brew

After serving 24 years in the Marine Corps and the Army, Eric Brew started his post-military career working for Still Serving Veterans. His most recent role has been Manager of Military Engagement at American Corporate Partners. He continues to serve and honor the military community by assisting them in building meaningful lives through connections to fulfilling careers and proactively strengthening the veteran community through example, leadership and collaboration.

Retiring as a senior NCO, Eric figured he had the knowledge and skills to be in operations management. What Eric failed to do was seek out mentorship, ask for help and research his options. Four months before he went on terminal leave, Eric went into a tailspin. He realized he didn’t have the answer because he didn’t know the question. After a successful career in the military, Eric couldn’t understand how he could fail so epically at the end. Contemplating suicide, he reached out to an emergency counselor with Military OneSource. The counselor reassured him that he wasn’t alone in his struggle to navigate the transition process. The impact of that phone call with Military OneSource was the catalyst for Eric choosing to work with transitioning service members as his next career.

Ego is prominent in the military community. Ribbons, badges and rank are displayed on the uniform, and they become a walking advertisement for what you’ve achieved. 93% of people have never served, and they don’t understand the meanings behind the titles and medals. Your military service and achievements are worth celebrating, as they shaped your life and values. When you transition from the military, you will need to find a way to translate those achievements into relatable language for hiring managers. Use stories from your service to highlight your skills during the job search process.

Reaching out to a local organization, Still Serving Veterans, Eric received the assistance he needed to translate his skills and craft a resume. The organization created an internship for Eric which led to full-time employment. His contributions to the military community didn’t go unnoticed, and he received an offer from American Corporate Partners to become the Manager of Military Engagement. In all of Eric’s interactions, he strives to show people that they are not alone. Eric has recently begun co-hosting for VET S.O.S., a podcast dedicated to providing a lifeline for veterans, transitioning military members and military spouses through the sharing of information and resources about veteran support organizations and key personnel in the veteran support community who are helping the community succeed.

Eric continues to learn how to shift his mindset. When Eric wonders if his best days are behind him, he reminds himself that just because he is no longer in the military doesn’t mean he has nothing to contribute. Learning how to use past experiences to leverage future success is a daily goal for Eric. It’s not about letting go of everything you’ve learned; it’s about learning how to be successful outside of the uniform.

Eric encourages everyone to be the CEO of their transition. Build a team of people and organizations that will lift you up and move you forward. The key is to make sure you are 100% invested. Afterall, nobody cares more about a company than its founder, the CEO.

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