• Episode #13


      Military Transition Q&A With MaryKate Soliva


      As a Special Operations soldier with more than 11 years' experience serving in the Army, MaryKate Soliva brings a bachelor's and master's level of education in Public Administration and a background in marketing within the US and abroad. Leveraging her diverse upbringing, she loves to learn about the uniqueness of an organization, how to market that and to amplify the company's core values to the community. MaryKate is interested in pursuing a marketing, sales, communications or policy analyst role to support her next organization, and she will be available as soon as August 2021. 


      Questions Asked:


      • How does volunteering help in the military transition, and is it worth the extra time and commitment?
      • How important is it to be your authentic self during the transition process (and in an interview)?
      • What are some good ways and practices to ensure that my spouse feels like he or she is part of my transition process?
      • Should transitioning service members keep "grinding on," or should they take some time to "unplug?"
      • Does spending time with people in different industries ever open a door for you, professionally?
      • Do you have advice for military members who may be more introverted or lean toward communication that involves "yes or no" answers?
      • MaryKate mentions two great organizations dedicated to helping transitioning service members:
      • You can find MaryKate on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marysoliva/

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