Season 4 Episode 146: Getting 1000 Veterans Hired with Jai Salters

While serving as an active-duty US Navy officer, Jai Salters is also the founder and executive director of ACT Now Education and founder and CEO of his own consulting firm. He has a mission to get 1000 military service members and their spouses employed by the time he retires from the Navy in 2027. He has already helped hundreds of people successfully navigate their transition.


When Jai hit the 10-year mark in the military, he made the decision to continue until retirement. Without a college degree or any certifications, he knew his options would be limited if he separated at 10 years. Determined to make the most of his next 10+ years, Jai began researching different education programs and opportunities. He was amazed at the plethora of information and shared his new knowledge with colleagues. ACT Now Education started as a brief that focused on the resources that Jai had discovered. From there, Jai went on to earn 17 certifications, an associate degree and a bachelor’s degree.


Today, ACT Now Education focuses on upskill and reskill resources. Most resources are free with a handful costing very little. ACT Now serves as an advocate for organizations offering free certifications and partners with organizations like Coursera and Project Management Institute (PMI). ACT Now has developed several cohort-style training programs that provide business suits, resume services, interview prep and access to Fortune 500 mentors. Every Saturday, Jai hosts a virtual meeting that is open to all service members and their families. He brings on guest speakers to help service members, veterans and military spouses find meaningful employment. Attendees will leave with a 21-page resource guide and a transition checklist.


Last year alone, Jai helped over 150 people get jobs. Many of these people utilized ACT Now Education or learned about different opportunities through Jai’s LinkedIn posts. In 2021, ACT Now went online and has grown substantially in the past 3 years. As a nonprofit, the organization relies on the support of companies like Microsoft. Through his networking skills and the success of ACT Now, Jai regularly has employers and federal agencies reach out to him to help fill open positions.


Jai’s ultimate goal is to revise the TAP program. He envisions modernizing the class and streamlining initiatives like SkillBridge to maximize positive outcomes. He credits organizations like Veterati, The COMMIT foundation and American Corporate Partners (ACP) for providing additional resources beyond those found through TAP.


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