Season 4 Episode 161: Knowing When to Take a Break with Lori Norris

On this solo episode of the Lessons Learned for Vets podcast, Lori shares the challenges that she and her family have been going through over the past few months. During this time, Lori has struggled with burnout, a feeling that most everyone has experienced at one time or another. Feelings of burnout are especially prevalent among job seekers. Lori shares her thoughts on when and how to take a break from the job search process.


Your body communicates with you. If you are consistently waking up in the middle of night and your mind is racing because of your stressors, it may be time to make some changes. For transitioning service members on terminal leave and new veterans, finding a job is one of the biggest stressors of the military transition. There will be a time when finding a job is your full-time job. It can absolutely consume you. Lori recommends creating a schedule that allows you the freedom to still enjoy life while methodically pursuing job opportunities. Schedule a block of time for networking, another for researching companies and another for targeting your resume. Take a break and get out of your house. Interact with people and schedule down time.


Your eating habits may be affected by your stress. While some people may skip meals entirely, others overeat or choose to eat foods that are full of empty calories. Healthy food will fuel your mind and body and keep you from experiencing sugar highs and lows. Even with healthy eating and sleeping habits, you may still notice that your body feels zapped of energy. Without truly working through your stress and anxiety, your mind is still working 24 hours a day, even when you are sleeping. Again, your body communicates with you and may be telling you to hit the pause button.


Burnout can cause negative feelings such as cynicism. Step back and evaluate what you’re doing, how you’re doing it and if you need to change direction. If the job search process is making you feel withdrawn and isolated, Lori recommends reaching out and connecting with people. Let people help and support you. Don’t take a vacation from the people that you love and don’t take a vacation from the things you love to do.


We all need a break from time to time. It’s impossible to give 100% all the time, without stopping. Take time to connect with your family and the people that love you. Give yourself time to recover, refresh and rejuvenate.


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