Season 4 Episode 166: Seeking Alternative Methods of Healing with Eric Infanti

We are excited to host Marine Corps veteran, Eric Infanti. By all accounts, Eric had a smooth transition into the corporate world, where he worked for 5 years. When his health began declining, Eric began a healing journey that included 2000 hours of yoga teacher and meditation training. He earned a dual master’s degree in Buddhist psychology and Ayurvedic medicine and is now a PhD candidate with the study on the role of extreme peak flow states on resilience and professional outcomes.


When Eric first transitioned from the military, he was able to use his experience and the education he received while serving in the Marine Corps to land a role in IT. After taking time off to heal, Eric knew he needed to upskill and learn current IT best practices. He sought out low cost or free programs to gain new certifications. He utilized the Veteran Rapid Retraining Assistance Program (VRRAP), ACT Now Education and Boots to Books.


Eric went from running marathons to not being able to move in a short amount of time. After visiting close to a dozen doctors without getting a diagnosis, he went to a naturopathic physician who diagnosed him with late-stage Lyme disease. Eric dove into the world of alternative health and found that yoga relieved his symptoms. From yoga, he dove deeper into Ayurvedic medicine, ancient texts and meditation. It was on the plane coming back from a 2008 trip to India where he started writing his first book, Marine on the Mat. Eric continued a career in alternative health until the COVID-19 pandemic.


The pandemic had a negative impact on his healing business, and Eric knew he needed to shift back into IT. He relied on his network and found mentors that helped him find a role within the IT community that fit his personality. Today he is the UX/UI Design Manager for Combined Arms, a nonprofit dedicated to veterans’ well-being. Eric uses both his healing background and IT knowledge in his design work. He manages his stress through spiritual practices and finds his creativity from the still space of his meditations. He has written 12 books on subjects relating to alternative health and UX design.


One of the core values to every veteran is their resiliency – the ability to handle whatever comes their way. Eric encourages veterans to not give up. You can choose how you manage the stresses of life. Some choose alcohol, rage or video games to cope with their stress. Eric chose athleticism and taking care of his inner self through breathing and meditation. For people who haven’t been practicing self-care and find themselves in an acute situation, Eric advises them to stop and take a break, start a healing practice and seek medical and psychological help if needed. Breath work meditation is simple, effective and can be done anywhere.


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