• Episode #19: Strategies to Fight Veteran Underemployment with Adam Braatz


      After serving the Air Force as a bandsman and an MTI (Military Training Instructor), Adam Braatz navigated a transition fraught with the dangers of underemployment, overly rapid advancement and bouts of depression. Maintaining his good humor and gratitude, Adam landed in his current role in the marketing and communications director for the Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce. On top of that, he is an author, speaker and business owner who makes time for his growing family and encouraging the many members of the veteran community.


      Lessons Learned:

      • Don’t take the first job offer out of desperation. You have valuable skills and experience, and you need to discover how to relay your value to employers so that you’re paid a commensurate wage.


      • As a veteran, you will tend to give too much loyalty to an employer before it’s earned. Consider that the private sector does not promote you simply for “doing a good job and keeping your nose clean.” Your private sector promotion path will be very different than the military.


      • More money does not always equal more job satisfaction. Determine the correct balance between what your budget needs and how much time you have outside of work.


      • The transition process takes years, and it does not definitively end when you accept for your first post-military position.


      • If you’ve been in for more than 1 year, then it’s time to think about what comes after the military.


      • Get a professional resume-writer to look at your resume, especially if you want a private sector role.
        • When you ask someone for help with the resume and when that person gives you feedback, ask for a strategic reason why you should change “X.” If he or she can’t explain why, then the suggestion is based on opinion, not fact.


      • Be grateful. You and your family might experience mental upheaval, financial stress and a lifestyle change.
        • Consider starting a “best-worst-best” discussion at the end of the day. This will help you practice gratitude and if you do in with your loved ones, you might get to know them even better.

Connect with Adam Braatz on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abraatz/ 


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