• Episode #22: Adapting to Overcome Military Transition Barriers with Alfredo Torres

      Currently the Virginia Transitional Assistance Program Regional Coordinator for the central and western regions, Alfredo Torrres is also the Candidate Coordinator for the Hire Vets Now program, which is the first DoD-approved state Skill Bridge program. Alfredo’s own transition out of the Navy in 2005 was sooner than he expected and he faced many challenges without many of the resources available today. His considerable post-military work experience includes Radio Personality, EMT and Adjunct Professor, to name a few. Today, Alfredo leans into his passion of helping people as a Virginia career coach, certified service provider, certified professional resume-writer and job search trainer.

      He and Lori continue their conversation from last week, focusing on the transition resume and providing more insight into whether to get a pro or not.


      Lessons Learned:


      • Resumes get you to the interview, but they do not land the job for you.
      • Consider that professional resume-writers and career coaches help people get jobs for their own jobs—is it worth the cost to you in relationship to your potential salary?
      • Don’t pay for a generic resume that is not targeted.
      • TAP teaches you to have a master resume—this is a reference tool only. Do not upload this document when applying for a position.
      • When someone suggests a change to your resume, ask for the reason.
        • If a person can’t explain why, then it is just an opinion.
        • Some formatting is subjective.
      • Even if you hire a pro to write your resume, participate in the process.
        • You will be better prepared to answer questions about your resume in the interview.
      • Good resumes include:
        • Metrics, measurable numbers, % improved, $$$ saved…
        • Focus on relevant, prioritized information.
        • Bullet format, except for the professional summary and a brief description of the scope for each position held.
        • Bold numbers in numeric form (“8” instead of “eight” concurrent projects managed…)
      • Alfredo’s major transition takeaways:
        • Be humble.
        • Be open to feedback and what you’re feeling inside.
        • Be self-aware as best you can and take responsibility for yourself.
        • Remember that your actions, both personal and professional, affect your loved ones.


          You can connect with Alfredo on LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/alfredotorres1/

          To download the FREE Veteran Resume Self-inspection Checklist visit: www.nextforvets.com

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