• Episode #27: Military Transition Q&A and a Bonus Success Story with Robert "Bob" Newlin 


After a diverse 24-year Air Force career that included job titles as a bandsman and defense attaché, Robert Newlin applied his skills in public relations and administration across 24 countries and 30 US states. Well-versed at communicating with interagency personnel and external audiences, he led teams of up to 40 professionals, managed as much as a $5M budget and ensured the security and accuracy of personnel records for a 60-person unit. With a tight transition timeline that began during the final months at his last overseas duty station, Bob recorded the Q&A session, translated his skills for his LinkedIn network and prospective employers and accepted a new senior administrative role at a cutting-edge medical organization.


His Questions:

  • When you have less than 6 months before you leave the military, is there a certain percentage of time you should spend in networking, reading about your next industry, etc.?
  • How do you build new connections on LinkedIn? Should they be narrowly focused, open to anyone or something in the middle?
  • How do you effectively “beat the bots” (get past the Applicant Tracking System, or ATS)?
  • How and when do you discuss transitioning challenges with a potential employer, such as moving back to the US from an overseas location?


Keys to Success:

  • The 4 Be’s:
    • Be prepared.
      • Have targeted resumes built from your master resume.
      • Practice interviewing skills.
    • Be present.
      • Build your LinkedIn network and spend time cultivating relationships with people.
      • Plug into organizations such as Vets2Industry, Recruit Military, etc. because they want to get to know you and what you can do for an employer.
    • Be patient.
      • There may be a lag between when you apply and when you hear from a recruiter or talent acquisition specialist.
      • Don’t stop applying to what makes sense for your industry and desired location, but do trust that your perseverance will pay off.
    • Be ready.
      • You might get a call from a job that wasn’t on the top of your list—and it’s perfect for you.
      • When you get the call, do what you need to do in order to go through the process of the interview(s). Even if you only have hours before an international flight with your family.
    • You can connect with Robert on LinkedIn at:
      • https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-newlin/

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