• Episode #33:


Improving Your Marketability and Enhancing Your Leadership Skills with the RBLP Certification

Former guest and retired US Marine Corps veteran, Mark Holman and recently retired Navy veteran, Marina Rabinek, reveal the benefits of the Resilience Building Leadership Professional (RBLP) certification program with Lori. Offering the only leadership certification program to date, RBLP was established by Dr. Gene Coughlin, a retired Marine and passionate advocate for servicemembers, veterans and military spouses. Learn more about collective resilience and how the RBLP certification can increase your marketability and improve your communication with your team and across your organization.



  • What is a resilience-building leader?
    • Creates positive climate
    • Develops cohesion
    • Provides purpose to teams


  • What is the RBLP certification training framework and content?
    • Experiential
    • Team learning
    • One-on-one coaching
    • 3 levels
      • Resilience Building Leadership Professional (RBLP), 3 sessions
      • Resilience Building Leadership Coach (RBLP-C), 5 sessions
      • Resilience Building Leadership Trainer (RBLP-T), 7 sessions


  • How does RBLP add value to a transitioning service member?
    • Translate the language you learned from the military into language civilian employers and personnel understand.


  • How do you leverage this certification to make yourself more marketable to potential employers?
    • Illustrate your commitment to continuous personal growth.
    • Facilitate team learning.
    • Support organizational learning.
    • Help you and your resume stand out from the standard certifications, such as Agile, Lean Six Sigma, Scrum, etc.


  • How can an active duty member pay for the certification and exam?
    • Air Force and Army have access to COOL or a credentialing agency through the DoD.
    • RBLP offers the Sea Services Scholarship for Marines, Navy and Coast Guard.
    • There is also a Military Spouse’s scholarship.
    • The bottom line is that active duty service members don’t have to pay for this certification.


How can a veteran pay for the certification and exam?

    • Many companies will pay for professional certifications, so ask your HR department, first.
    • The US government funds professional certifications, such as positions with FEMA or government labs.
    • Nonprofit employees may have access to established partnerships with RBLP, so ask your company.


  • Marina’s takeaway:
    • This program is a practical way to give you academic terminology for tacit knowledge you currently possess through your military leadership experience.


  • Mark’s takeaway:
    • Forbes’ top 10 reasons why people leave organizations include 9 that are leader-oriented.



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