• Episode #34:

Discovering Connections for Post-Military Careers and Networking with Dave Poole

  • 21-year Marine Corps veteran, Dave Poole, served as a combat engineer with an additional focus in emergency and disaster management. Yet, despite a bachelor’s degree and extensive experience in that arena, Dave learned something new in his SkillBridge program. Coding sounded like fun to him, and the more he learned about it, the more he realized how similar building code was to building bridges. Before his official retirement date, Dave accepted an offer to work at Grover Gaming, and he shares how he did it in this episode!


    Lessons Learned:

    • Discover connections between what you like about your military career and apply that to discover your post-military industry and role.
    • Your first instinct for a post-military career might not be the best choice.
    • Leverage the SKillBridge program to learn more about what you would enjoy doing in your next job.
    • Networking through LinkedIn is beneficial. Dave found key mentors who genuinely wanted to help another veteran succeed and people who already worked within a company that offered him the job he wanted.
    • Through his LinkedIn network, Dave had opportunities to see how his new company functions before the interview—and he saw that this environment aligned with his values before accepting the offer.
    • Although Dave didn’t have all of the listed requirements in the job announcement, (such as 4 years of software development experience), he did have the opportunity to network with real people who worked there and who understood his vast experience of clearly communicating while leading teams.
    • Share your knowledge to help others. Dave started a blog to help others find important information for their own SkillBridge programs.
    • The more you talk to new people, the better you get at doing it.
    • You can connect with Dave on LinkedIn at:

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