• Episode #35:

        Getting Comfortable with being Uncomfortable to Find the Right Fit with Greg Fischer


        After 3 combat tours, US Marine Corps veteran Greg Fischer knew that he was ready to pursue a post-military path. He finished a bachelor’s degree and MBA, becoming a respected leader and coach in the insurance and finance industry for 10 years. In 2020, Greg realized that he needed to do something he had never done before: launch a business. With a partner, Greg started up Burn Pit BBQ online as a resource and more recently with new products to spice up your grilling feasts. He suggests getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and leaning into work that resonates with you, your values and strengths.  


        Lessons Learned:

        • You may be unfulfilled by the “conservative path.” If you feel like you have to be a different person at work just to fit in, don’t stay there.
        • It takes time to figure out who you are.
          • Mentors help.
          • Try different things (some you’ll like and some you won’t, but all of it is useful data).
          • If you’re missing the camaraderie of the military, find a team to join (ex: a soccer league).
          • College or corporate life might help you get better at talking to people with different experiences and backgrounds from yours.
          • Don’t self-isolate and try to do it all, yourself.
        • Growth is a continual process throughout life.
        • If you’re considering an entrepreneurial endeavor, consider that veterans have some natural skill sets for business ownership.
          • Organization
          • Discipline
          • Passion/intensity
          • Make sure your finances are in order, first.
          • Make a plan and have a vision for the business before launching.
        • Listen to your gut and take action, accordingly.
        • When trying something new or uncomfortable, see it as a challenge you will overcome.
        • Develop self-awareness of how you operate and adjust to that. (For example: if you’re naturally introverted, then block out some time to decompress after a public speaking event.)
        • You will develop “social muscles” with practice, so keep practicing.
        • Before you sign onto a new job, look for veterans who already work in the organization and talk with them about how the environment really is.
          • You might read multiple reviews on glassdoor.com and discover common themes of complaints.
          • Check on LinkedIn for veterans from all services who work or used to work for the company you’re considering.
        • Ask yourself, is this job right for:
          • You?
          • Your family?
          • Your personality?
          • Your future goals?
        • If you said no to any of the above, then it’s okay to professionally turn down a job offer or suggest an alternative to the hiring manager.
        • Be your own career advocate, because your civilian employer probably won’t supply you with one.
        • For updated weekly recipes or to find your new “secret sauce” on the grill, check out:www.burnpitbbq.com
        • You can connect with Greg on LinkedIn at:

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