• Episode #37:

        Networking Strategically and Working with Recruiters with Wayne Worthington

        Wayne Worthington served 5 years in the Marines, transitioning from being a Captain to placing senior executives in the private sector. Currently the VP of Innovation, Technology, Media and Telecommunications Recruiting for Raines International, he finds top talent in sales and marketing (CEO, CFO, COO, etc.). On today’s episode, Wayne describes different kinds of recruiters and how to position yourself best in working relationships with them. He also shares a very strategic approach to networking during your transition that might pay dividends for you and for your friends.

        Lessons Learned:

        • If you have no clue what to do next, then you need a trustworthy coach who asks you probing, career-oriented questions.
        • You might find valuable connections for post-military roles through family and friends, organizations like Veterati or American Corporate Partners (ACP) or through focused LinkedIn messages.
        • The military is focused on the mission at hand and winning wars, not your personal success as a civilian.
        • You need a transition accountability partner.
        • If you’re struggling with picking your next career, then consider this narrowing process:
          • Pick 3 industries that actually interest you.
          • Find 10 companies within each industry.
          • Reach out to 2 people in each company through your network, ask them thoughtful questions about what it’s like to work there and ask if they can introduce you to someone else.
          • Thank everyone who helps you along the way.
          • Determine where you want to live and how that narrows down your application process.
        • Waiting is a part of the process.
        • Just joining a veteran program does not guarantee the job offer you want.
        • Recruiters have a job to do, so tailor your approach to fit the recruiter’s needs (assuming you want the role).
        • Reach out to more than one recruiter with solutions in hand.
        • Do not pay for a recruiter. There are some services that might benefit you to pay for, but that’s not one of them.
        • There is a direct correlation to the effort you put into your job search and the opportunities you receive.
        • Consider creating a call list tracker to keep yourself organized.
          • Who did you talk to?
          • When did you talk?
          • What did you talk about?
          • Tailor to fit your needs.
        • You can connect with Wayne on LinkedIn at:

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