Episode 4:

Rob Rens

A marine veteran who served on active duty for 8 years as a Mortuary Affairs Specialist, Rob served fallen warriors and their families by retrieving comrades from all branches of the US military, inventorying their effects, notifying next of kin, making funeral arrangements, and performing graveside ceremonies. Through his contacts with civilian funeral services representatives, Rob got his first job out of the military by trusting a mentor who saw his potential and chose to develop it within the insurance industry. Rob went on to several successful positions as an insurance executive, a two-year hiatus within the sports radio and advertising industry, and returned to the insurance career field to open his own State Farm agency. He currently serves veterans through his position as the Vice President of the Suiting Warriors Foundation. Rob’s insight into leveraging LinkedIn and his approach to self-reflection during the transition are particularly outstanding.


Lessons Learned:


  • When transitioning out of the military, you need a mentor. It doesn’t have to be someone who is specifically a military-translating mentor or a veteran.
  • For the eager “vetrepreneur,” avoid startups. Unless you have a very unusual background, it is difficult to create an idea/product/service from the concept, production, funding, marketing and other variables that go along with developing a new business.
  • Everyone is accountable to someone.
  • Take time during your transition to find the inner voice that has been tamped down in order for you to reflexively do the work the military trained you to do.
  • Don’t look down on non-military co-workers just because they didn’t serve in the military or same branch of service. Consider how you make people feel; that’s the main thing others remember about you.

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