• Episode #41:

        Going from Laid Off to Hired in 5 Hours with Marina Rabinek


        In her Navy career, Marina Rabinek worked in diversity and inclusion, Human Resources, employee development and training. Since her retirement in 2019, she transitioned to roles that support corporate training and development as well as other veterans in transition. Marina is a super-connector and master networker. On today’s episode, she shares how she went through steps from being informed that she was laid-off to getting offered a new hiring contract within an extraordinarily short timeline.


        Lessons Learned:

        • Get on LinkedIn and connect with people whose content you like—you’ll be amazed how quickly your network grows.
        • SkillBridge is an extremely beneficial opportunity.
        • After you get out of the military, you might get blindsided by a corporate restructure, downsize or “rightsize.”
          • Although it’s hard to avoid taking it personally, this is just business. Really.
          • Prevent a downward spiral of depression or self-doubt by knowing that you have a group of people you can count on to help you. Reach out to those people, immediately.
        • Know your purpose, first. Then you can align your career goals and network effectively.
        • Helpful organizations Marina mentions include:
          • The Commit Foundation conference (for women)
          • Changing Focus: Moving from a “We” to “Me” by Annie Brock, Leader Transition Institute
          • Veterati
          • Vets2Industry
            • Companies that are recruiting
            • Veteran services organizations
            • Other transitioning or active duty service members
          • Have a transition buddy.
          • When networking, consider:
            • You might not ever meet in person, but your people within your intentionally-built network are your friends.
            • Balance engagement in your career with maintaining your network.
            • Don’t underestimate the power of simple encouragement to others—that is a value-add.
            • Be authentic. Why try to be someone else?
            • When you connect with new people, include a pertinent message that introduces yourself and the reason you want to connect with them. It does not have to be novel-length!
          • You can connect with Marina on LinkedIn at:


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