• Episode #44:

        Opening Your Mind to New Possibilities with Peter Cline

        Peter Cline is the youngest guest to date on LL4V, but this 4-year Army veteran went from winning the 2020 NCO of the Year award at Fort Benning to a three-pronged approach to attacking post-military life. He is pursuing a degree in political science and economics, managing 3 different communications teams for a congressional campaign and running the new nonprofit, “Boots to Books,” with co-founder, Aubrey Sine. Learn more about what services Boots to Books offers, things to consider if you are thinking of starting your own nonprofit as well as the recurring theme of not undervaluing yourself during your search for a new career.


        Lessons Learned:

        • Transitions are not linear checklists. Keep your mind open to opportunities, such as starting a new company.
        • Just because you did something in the military for a number of years does not mean you have to continue doing that. What do you actually enjoy?
        • Your valuable strengths include:
          • The ability to communicate effectively to/with your team.
          • Handling stress productively, instead of reacting in fear.
          • Strong work ethic
        • If you’ve applied to entry-level positions and haven’t heard back, try applying for the next level up. Recruiters may see you as a flight risk if you’re overqualified.
        • If you’re willing to “take a step back” in order to switch industries and potentially grow within a certain organization, explain that in your cover letter and interview, and make sure your resume reflects what the position needs.
        • The average adult changes careers 7-9 times throughout their lives, so don’t worry if you want to try a new industry.
        • You can check out Boots to Books at:
          • boots2books.com
          • Topics of discussion with mentors may include: benefits questions, cost of living analysis, figuring out your next real step…
        • You can connect with Peter on LinkedIn at:

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