• Episode #48:

        Leaving the Safe Path Behind with Dr. Vincent Soto

        On today's episode of the Lessons Learned for Vets Podcast, I am welcoming Dr. Vincent Soto who has retired after 26 years in the United States Navy as a hospital corpsman. He went with the safe option in his first role out of the military, and after just six months in that job, he made the decision to change careers to follow his passion. Vince now is a traveling facilitator teaching the Transition Assistance Program to transitioning service members at multiple installations. In 2021, just a few months ago, he founded Navigating Solutions, a nonprofit organization that is committed to helping veterans transitioning service members, dependents, and civilians with challenges within the workforce.


        Listen in for Vince's advice today on this episode on all the different facets of the transition from interviews and networking through using LinkedIn and working on your resume. Any student is lucky to have him share his wisdom. Let’s jump in!

        [00:01 - 15:42] Opening Segment

        •  Vince shares his transition story
        •  He shares about the areas that he could have improved
          •  Frustrations about being a servant leader and not being to serve
          •  Checking in and knowing how you feel about work
        •  Learning the impact of Networking
          •  Opening doors for somebody worthy
          •  The importance of networking and seeking out opportunities

        [15:43 - 38:24] Lessons Learned from Dr. Vincent’s Mistakes and Transitioning Advice

        •  Developing an organization that helps veteran and military spouse or civilian to deal with real world problems
          •  Providing resources to help audience learn
        •   Vince shares about his experience in assisting the Transition Assistance Program
          •  Frustrations of his students
          •  Learning to use free resources
          •  Having the courage to ask for help
        •  The importance of having a targeted resume for the transition
        •  Difficulties of the transition due to the changing market
          •  Learning to adapt to the change
          •  Dealing with the transition head on instead of avoiding
          •  Leveraging LinkedIn

        [38:25 - 39:56] Closing Segment

        Final advice from Dr. Vincent Soto

        Connect with Dr. Vincent Soto on LinkedIn or send him a message at his website at https://www.navigatingsolutions.org/contact-us.

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