• Episode #49:

        Networking for Introverts with Quincy Harper

        On today's episode of the Lessons Learned for Vets Podcast, I am welcoming Quincy Harper, who retired from the United States Air Force in 2016 after a successful career in logistics, human resources, and staffing. In his first few years after his military transition, he held several roles, never quite finding the right fit. But for the last two years, he's been the military talent recruiting lead for Accenture Federal Services and he is one of the founders of #LinkedInMilCity. He sits on the board of directors for the R3 Student Outreach Center and he serves as a K.E.Y. group mentor.

        Quincy was recently selected as a scholar for the Stand to Veteran Leadership Program class of 2021. In this episode he offers advice on finding a mentor, networking for introverts, and job seeker best practices, just to name a few things. Make sure to tune until the and learn about how he persevered and had a great attitude about his transition.

        [00:01 - 17:14] Quincy Harper’s Transition Story

        •  I welcome our guest, Quincy Harper
        •  Quincy talked about his transition story
          •  Building his professional network
          •  How he was able to achieve a smooth transition
        •  The feeling of quitting a job
          •  Having loyalty ingrained for so long
          •  Quitting does not equate to failure
          •  Knowing when to quit
        •  The difference between corporate America and the military
          •  β€‹β€‹Being qualified for the job but not passionate about it
          •  Growth and leadership opportunities in a corporate setting


        [17:15 - 37:48] Networking as an Introvert

        •  Being a Key Mentor in #LinkedInMilCity
          •  Connection community for military community and hiring managers, employers, veteran service organizations
          •  Check out this link and follow them on LinkedIn
        •  Overcoming the challenge of being an introvert
          •  Being a natural connector
          •  Operating at your comfort level
        •  Embracing the pivot and finding mentors
        •  Keeping your networking and knowledge sharp
        •  How volunteering leads to opportunities
        •  Lessons learned from the transition
        •  Finding a mentor and painting a blueprint from their path


        [37:49 - 38:42] Closing Segment

        •  Connect with Quincy through the links below
        •  Final words
    • Connect with Quincy Harper on LinkedIn and check out #LinkedInMilCity!

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