Bonus Episode 5:

Mark Gavin

Mark is currently serving in the Army as a Human Resources generalist with more than 10 years of experience. He specializes in training and development roles, and he will transition out in July 2021. Mark is focused on finding the next career within his specialty as an HR generalist or Employee Training and Development roles. It’s all good information, but pay close attention to Lori’s wisdom on resumes, how to focus them, and how they help you prepare for the interview that will land your next role.

 His Questions Include:

 Should resumes be one page or two pages?

  • Is there a good ritual to put on our “game face” before a big meeting or interview, and how do we get ourselves ready without psyching ourselves out?
  • When do you ask about pay and benefits?
  • LinkedIn is a big thing. How can you tell who’s a legitimate expert, and what is your criteria for connection requests?

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