• Episode #51:

        Military Transition Q&A with Darwin Maull


    • Retiring Army officer Darwin Maull gets the chance to ask Lori some of his important questions about the military transition. This episode touches on topics such as the most common pitfalls of the transition process, when and how to use a "master" resume, how to learn to translate military terminology and "speak civilian," as well as tips for international job hunting and video interviews. 


      I hope you’ll enjoy this episode as I will be answering all his transitioning questions, and hopefully, some of my answers will be helpful to you too!


      [00:01 - 11:59] Darwin Maull Talks About His Transition Story

      •  I welcome our guest, Darwin Maull
      •  Darwin shares about his background and his transition story
      •  What’s next for Darwin
        •  Not sure what to do next
        •  Exploring different aspects of “helping other people”


      [12:00 - 37:33] Advice about Transitioning

      •  Identifying your priorities before making the decision
        •  Involve the family
        •  Thinking about non-negotiables
        •  Write a list of skills
        •  Research on skills
      •  Pitfalls in transitioning into a civilian
        •  Not figuring out your focus before transitioning
        •  Not starting soon enough
        •  Not leveraging your network
      •  Submitting a strong resume
        •  Do not submit a “master resume”
        •  Provide a resume that only has information needed by a specific employer
      •  Dealing with being stereotypes as an army veteran
        •  Speaking the right language and connecting with new colleagues
      •  How to speak like a civilian
        •  Read job descriptions
        •  Do your research
        •  Doing 1-3 informational interviews
      •  Tips for conducting virtual interviews
        •  Be prepared with apps, software and gear
        •  Find a way to connect


      [37:34 - 39:12] Closing Segment

      •  Connect with Darwin Maull through the links below
      •  Final words



      Connect with Darwin Maull on LinkedIn!


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