• Episode #52:

        Discovering Your Purpose with Don Gleason


    • On today's episode of the Lessons Learned for Vets Podcast, I am excited to welcome Don Gleason. Don joined the United States Air Force after his bachelor’s degree, where he completed his environmental engineering graduate degree and worked in that career field for much of the rest of his career when he retired from the Air Force in 2009. After 27 years of service, he went to work for Booz Allen Hamilton as a senior associate working in program management and business development. Back in 2015, Don was certified by the John Maxwell team as a speaker, trainer and coach. He then started his own company, Achieve New Heights, which is focused on leadership training and coaching. In this business, he's helped small businesses grow their team performance, communication and teamwork. Just recently, in 2020, Dawn started a nonprofit called military transition roundtable with his partner, which is focused on supporting military and spouses in their transition from the military to the next chapter of their career. His team has supported 40 military service members in gaining the career that they desire to find and find satisfaction in that career at more than seven times the national average.


      Don is here today to share his wisdom about taking the time to discover your purpose, and creating not a transition plan or even a career plan, but a life plan. So stick around to the end of the episode because Don shares his take on how we view the challenge of transition, and what an impact the view you take on your military transition can make on your own success.


      [00:01 - 15:15] Don Talks About His Transition Story

      •  I welcome our guest, Don Gleason
      •  Don shares about his background and his transition story
        •  Started when he was in 5th grade
        •  Importance of knowing what you want to do
        •  Starting his transition early
        •  Learning the value of networking early on


      [15:16 - 40:09] Advice about Transitioning

      •  The importance of knowing what you desire
        •  Think about you best and worst memory
        •  Knowing your purpose drives you to the right direction
        •  Importance of having a mentor
      •  Dealing with transition burnout
        •  Stems from the “last minute stuff”
        •  Accepting help and becoming focused
        •  Having the courage to tell the boss that you are burning out
      •  Being successful in your physical and spiritual life
        •  Thinking of success for the long term
      •  Military Transition Roundtable
        •  The impact of transitioning with a group


      [40:10 - 39:12] Closing Segment

      •  Lessons from Don’s transition journey
        •  Be comfortable with talking about yourself
        •  Stop using the word “hard”
        •  Have a strong network
      •  Connect with Don through the links below
      •  Final words


      Resources Mentioned:

      Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

       Military Transition Roundtable at www.militarytransitionroundtable.com


      Connect with Don on LinkedIn or check out his website at www.achievenewheights.com.


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