• Episode #54:

        Military Transition Q&A with Jonathan Fisher


        On today's episode of the Lessons Learned for Vets Podcast, we will be having another of our transitioning question and answer sessions. And for this episode, we are having Jonathan Fisher, a 20-year Army veteran who is in the midst of a huge career pivot going from Aviation Maintenance into the IT and cybersecurity field.

        Make sure to stay tuned until the end because Jonathan has prepared really good questions that I’m sure you are going to find valuable!

         [00:01 - 06:10] Jonathan Talks About His Transition Story

        •  I welcome our guest, Jonathan Fisher
        •  Jonathan shares about his background and his transition story
        •  Jonathan talks about what’s next for him
          •  Working on education and certifications

        [06:11 - 37:38] Questions about Transitioning

        •  How to avoid transition burnout
          •  Learning how to pace yourself
          •  Check priorities and ensure that they’re aligned
          •  Picking your battles
        •  “Diversifying” your skill bridge
          •  Keeping options open
          •  Be your own career manager
        •  How to efficiently maximize your LinkedIn profile
          •  Posting at least twice a week
          •  Posting must feel natural
        •  Good ways to translate skills into a different industry
          •  Researching the industry and reading it side by side with what you do
        •  Programs to look out
          •  Identify areas that you need support in

        [37:39 - 39:12] Closing Segment

        •  Connect with Jonathan through the links below
        •  Final words

        Connect with Jonathan on LinkedIn!


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