Episode #59:

Celebrating the One-Year Anniversary of the Lessons Learned for Vets with a Look Back - Part 2

The Lessons Learned for Vets Podcast was launched on Veteran’s Day, 11/11/2020, one year ago. In honor of the one-year anniversary, as we prepare to wrap up Season 1 for this year, Lori invited three die-hard listeners to come on and share their favorite episodes.


This is the second episode with guests, Bob Newlin and Jonathan Fisher who selected their favorites. Here are the episodes we highlight in the show:


Episode 2 – Finding the Right Culture Fit with Keith Forte - Selected by Bob Newlin

This is the episode that started the Lessons Learned for Vets Podcast. The episode with Keith Forte, which gave Lori chills as she was recording it, was the start of veterans coming on the show to discuss the lessons they learned from their failures, stumbles, success and triumphs.


Episode 8 – Discovering Your Legacy with Ben Killoy - Selected by Jonathan Fisher

 This under-the-radar episode with Ben tackles big issues revolving around legacy and being a good parent in your post-military life. If you haven't already heard it, go back and give it a listen!


Episode 15 – Landing your Next Role by Building a LinkedIn Presence with Misty Moreno - Selected by Bob Newlin

Misty is a true LinkedIn success story who captured the attention of her employer via her LinkedIn content. Misty shares her LinkedIn content creation strategy with us in the episode and demonstrates how to use LinkedIn to get noticed by potential employers. 


Episode 16 – Deploying to the US and Learning to Speak Civilian - Part 1 with Herb Thompson - Selected by Jonathan Fisher


These two episodes with Herb are jam-packed with good info. We discuss his book and how important mindset is in the transition in this brief, but powerful clip. 


Episode 17 – Owning Your Transition - Part 2 with Herb Thompson - Selected by Bob Newlin

Everyone's transition and their journey to post-military life is different and Herb encourages you to own it and make it uniquely yours.


Episode 19 - Strategies to Fight Veteran Underemployment with Adam Braatz - Selected by Bob Newlin

Although Chris picked this episode last week, Bob selected a very different part of the episode that talks about the dangers of underemployment. Lori and Bob talk about strategies to prevent being underemployed in your post- military career.


Episode 23 - Writing Your Military Transition Resume with Alfredo Torres - Selected by Jonathan Fisher

This was part 2 of a cliffhanger episode where Lori and Alfredo debated the free resume versus paid resume service dilemma. Though they agreed more than they argued, the discussion about resume writing was very informative. 


Episode 50 - Leveraging Your LinkedIn Profile with D. Matt Scherer - Selected by Bob Newlin

The co-founder of Military Transition Roundtable sat down with Lori to discuss LinkedIn strategies, how to create an effective LinkedIn profile and how to leverage LinkedIn in your job search.


Episode 52 - Discovering Your Purpose with Don Gleason - Selected by Jonathan Fisher

The other co-founder of Military Transition Roundtable (MTR) joined Lori to discuss a new way of looking at the military transition. Instead of calling it hard, recognize that it is new and different, but it doesn't have to be hard. Jonathan has joined the MTR and gives us his insight into the program after we hear the clip.


We hope you have enjoyed the first season of the show. We will return for Season 2 of our interviews with veterans who have already made the transition to share their lessons with you in Early January 2022.


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