Season 2 Episode 64: 

Finding Out You Don't Have to FITFO with Kasie Valenti

Although Kasie Valenti originally intended to make a career of the military, but after 8 years of service as an officer in the US Army, her career focus changed as her life changed. This focus of a long-term career in the military took her away from even thinking about or planning for a private sector career after the military.

She worked right up until the end of her military career, so when it came time to transition she struggled to figure out where she fit in the private sector. She felt a lot of shame and guilt about leaving the military and felt that by planning for life after the military, she was being dishonest and disloyal to the military.

This is where FITFO comes in. The acronym stands for “figure it the F@*K out.” Many transitioning service members take the FITFO approach, which is useful in the military where you have to adapt, be resourceful and figure things out. The transition is not the time to FITFO. There are mentors, resources and time available to you to help you navigate this complex process. Though you will likely figure it out, you will struggle and stumble more than if you take the time and make the effort to proactively prepare.

Kasie has learned that just because you were in one career field, that doesn’t mean you have to continue in that field after the military. She advocates thinking about your post-military career early in your military career, to really think through what you want to do after the military, you can make efforts to prepare yourself during your active duty military career. Don’t feel guilty about taking the time and using the resources to focus on yourself and your career after the military.

Kasie experienced having a child and being a mother both as an active duty service member and as a veteran. She talks about the differences that she experienced. Kasie brings a unique perspective to the transition process as a veteran, a separatee and a military spouse and mother working overseas.

Kasie talks about Veterans Yoga Project, another resource available to support you during transition with mindful resilience. These mind body tools are available to active duty service members, veterans and military spouses to help you manage, cope and build their resilience. You can use the website or their brand new app.

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