Season 2 Episode 68: Pulling Back the Curtain on the Hiring Process with Michael McCoy

This week’s episode is a little bit different as our guest Michael McCoy is still serving in the Tennessee Army National Guard. He has been in talent acquisition, specifically seeking veteran and military candidates, first for Premise Health and now for Verizon.

Mike is here as an experienced talent acquisition professional to pull back the curtain and give a behind-the-scenes look at the recruiting process from his point of view. Buckle up, this is a jam-packed episode that you may need to listen to more than once.

This episode covers a diverse array of job search topics. Here are some highlights:


Mike and Lori discuss the importance of researching what you want to do as well as where you want to live. We share some resources such as CBRE (, The Business Journal ( and The Bureau of Labor Statistics ( Mike advocates for something as simple as Google Maps to find local businesses in the industry where you want to work in your target location.


Don’t forget to talk about your personal impact when you write your resume. Don’t just list the amount of equipment you managed, talk about what you achieved while managing that equipment.

Look at every job posting as a problem. Your resume is not a work history, it is proof of your ability to solve the employer’s problems or fulfill their needs. You will have more success sending targeted, focused resumes for each company and job posting instead of sending the same resume to everyone.


Mike gets real about how he has used the ATS to screen and sort candidates. No, he is not letting a computer make his hiring decisions. However, he gives some great tips on ensuring your resume goes into the ATS and is searchable for the job for which you apply as well as future openings.


Clear and concise communication is key. When answering interview questions, try to keep your answer to 2-4 minutes max. If you talk longer than that, you are likely giving too much information. Don’t talk yourself out a job in the interview.


Mike founded LinkedIn Music City, a local military transition and veteran networking group based in Nashville, TN in 2018 and he offers some great advice on how to successfully navigate both in-person and virtual networking events.

You can connect with Michael McCoy at

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