• Episode #9

      Kristin Scott

      A former US Navy language analyst, Kristin retired at the rank of Senior Chief after serving for more than 22 years. After some initial challenges, she rose to her current role as the Director of Military and Veteran programs at an IT services company that specializes in consulting for the federal government. During her own transition out of the military, Kristin discovered the usefulness of the DoD SkillBridge program and trailblazed the policy and process for her own command. She then leveraged her corporate knowledge to develop and run a non-profit that helps companies navigate and implement their own SkillBridge program. While successfully finding her way through her post-military career, Kristin worked through her PTS and is currently managing it with key resources. She acknowledges the ongoing challenge while sharing her own strategies that have helped her to move forward.


      Lessons Learned:


      • As the awareness of the SkillBridge program grows, more private sector employers are leaning into “6 months of free labor” from veterans who bring their experience, leadership, collaboration and more. These internships often lead to new, appropriately commensurate employment.


  • The VA disability application process is not fun, but it provides valuable insight and compensation that you earned.


  • Often, military personnel who are struggling with PTS ignore or avoid the fact of the problem because of the fear of stigma or career disruption. Bringing that fear into the light diminishes the power of the problem and reveals more support systems than might be initially known.
    • Kristin shares about a medical procedure called a “stellate ganglion block” (SGB) that she has found to be particularly helpful. It’s a “brain shot” that resets the “fight or flight” mechanism that is constantly engaged.
    • She suggests finding something in your post-military career and life that you can control, especially for those fighting PTS.


  • Veterans value the concept of loyalty, sometimes to a fault. In your post-military career, you must be your own advocate. Don’t stay in a position that is wrong for you out of misplaced loyalty.


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