Season 2 Episode 90: Don't Do Military Transition Alone with Jeremy "Monte" Montgomery

After serving 10 years active duty for the Air Force, Jeremy Montgomery, who goes by Monte, served an additional 12 years in the Air National Guard. When he retired in 2020, he used LinkedIn to grow his network and ultimately land a role with Fusion Cell as their business development manager. Although hired right away, Jeremy reflects on his transition and shares his mistakes and offers advice to ensure a smoother transition for others. Monte is a visible presence on LinkedIn and a fierce advocate for the veteran, transitioning military and spouse community. You may recognize him by his beard on his posted videos!

When Monte made the decision to retire, he was simply unaware of so many of the resources available to him. Although the Transitioning Assistance Program (TAP) was valuable, it also lacked the depth he needed to fully navigate his separation successfully. He admits he believed he would be able to transition without the aid of others. Looking back, he realizes his decision to isolate himself led to mistakes which could have been avoided and prevented had he reached out for assistance. How do you overcome not knowing what you don’t know? You network. Using LinkedIn to network exposes you to an environment that will teach you what you don’t know.

Monte’s experience with going through it alone isn’t unique. In his current position as Director of Business Development at Fusion Cell, he has mentored hundreds of people through the transition and job search process. His biggest advice – do not go at this alone. While you may have valuable experience from the military, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be translated in job applications without you networking alongside.

Monte discusses the different seasons of LinkedIn. In the inaugural season, people build their network and form relationships to assist them with getting a job. Once hired, many people abandon LinkedIn only to resurface when they are looking for another job. Monte encourages people to stay active on LinkedIn when happily employed. During Season 2, network with people who have similar roles with different companies and expose yourself to new and different ideas. Become a subject matter expert in your industry and start researching your company’s competitors. In Season 3, reach out to others and help them through the transition process. As a subject matter expert, you have a lot to offer.

Be Genuine. Be Deliberate. Be Consistent. When posting on LinkedIn, follow this formula to build organic content. Post something that is meaningful to you and don’t get caught up in the approval ratings. At Fusion Cell, Jeremy has found his own voice and style on LinkedIn after regularly posting and engaging on LinkedIn.

Fusion Cell seeks to pair military veterans and spouses with meaningful careers with companies who support the military community. Companies are vetted before they become partners to ensure their dedication to hiring and retaining veterans and military spouses. One of the programs near and dear to Monte is Mil/Vet Spouse Mondays. After reviewing the data for underemployed and unemployed military spouses, Monte created this virtual opportunity to highlight this community and share resources and opportunities. Monte challenges all military service members to acknowledge the sacrifices their spouses have made in support of their service.

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