Have you ever wondered if your resume is ready to send out to potential employers?

This checklist can help you decide.

Are you sending out your resume and getting no response?

This checklist can help diagnose some of the common errors veterans make with their resume.

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Effective Resumes Must Be Targeted

Have you ever called yourself a "Jack of all trades?" Do you know the next line that follows -- "master of none?" Employers don't want to know your skills are a mile wide and an inch deep, they want to know about your RELEVANT skills on the resume.

Effective Resumes Must Have Keywords

In order to make it through the initial screening process, your resume must contain industry-relevant terms. Remove the military 'jargon' and learn to highlight the important, relevant keywords.

Effective Resumes Must Represent You

Remember, your resume is only one step in the hiring process. Your resume must represent WHO you are, WHAT makes you the right person for the job and HOW you can add value.


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Lori Norris, CPRW, JCTC

Veteran Employment Advocate, Military Skills Translator                        and Resume Writer

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